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Basketball Game in Polyshine
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VR B.U had a 3 on 3 basketball game on Sep twentieth, sales department versus research department. Follow 3 on 3 international basketball game rule, 12 points a game race to 3. First of all, our CEO and players started the basketball game.

 Manager Yang and Manager Chang are the referees.


In the first game R.D. B.U. 12 to 2 took victory in an easy game. Second game; our sales department got a 7 to 4 lead, but then RD used a time-out. After that, RD got six points from two 3 point shots, and they had created a 10:7 lead, winning the second set. The third game, the sales department had a bad situation with a 10:5 score. At this time, Manager Liu got 2 points and had a free shot, but missed it. The Marketing Department lost the game, twelve to eleven.


Winner's Prize: 2000 Yan and a Trophy

Our gracious Cheif Executive Officer extends an inivitation of sponsorship to any other department wishing to participate in, contribute to, or offer creative design assistance for our wonderful companies team-work events.




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