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Favor Union successfully acquired 2 new patents
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An Improved structure of 3D Swiveling Input Mechanism
2014/12/18 Patent number:201420797904.7
  This improved structure of 3D swiveling input mechanism has three features: First, it is easy to reach the goal of accurate control. Second, it exports signals stable. Third, its construction is simple.



A Magnetic Induction Rotatable Input Device
2014/12/17 Patent number:201420798218.1
  This include a main part and a case with a hole on top of it and also include a turn-able rotary pole and a bush holding the pole. When using, by turning the pole, the magnent inside is turned and change the magnetic filed is changed also. Therefore the sensor IC will get the signal and provide designed output. this device has stable output and simple structure advantage.


Favor union's core competence is our R&D ability. We now have 12 patents, including 1 invention and 1 appearance patent. And there are many patents application ongoing.

Most of them are the joystick potentiometer patents, which are for  our most competitive joystick potentiometer products. Since 2005, we have acquired 7 joystick patents, including 3D, 2D, carbon resistor, Hall effect, etc. 

Detailed patent list is at



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