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J06K Series Mini Joystick mass production
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After our RD team six months’ hard work (design, trial run, function & reliability test……), Mini-joystick J06K series have been successfully brought into mass production stage. First 10,000pcs products had been completed and delivered in Jan, 2017. The products are highly praised by our customer.

The main character of J06K is Mini size. Its overall size is 11mm*11mm*6mm. We can see the thickness of J06K is only 6mm. It was widely used in portable gaming devices and Mini remote controller.

In such a small space, all components were assembled very well, which make the parameters of J06K mini-joystick very excellent. Total resistance tolerance is within +/-20%. Voltage divider error is 38~62%. The performance is the same as current most joysticks’. Operating life is as long as 1,000,000 cycles.

We can provide switch or without switch version according to customer’s request. The press switch’s operating life is 200,000 times. B10K resistance is the most widely used. If any other special mechanical and electrical request, we also can make samples for customer approval first.

Now, J06K series quality is very stable. More and more portable gaming devices customer start to contact us to release order. Our manufacture department is planning to expand the production capacity to meet our customer’s demand.

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