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JM10K JN10K Auto-assembly machine runs smoothly
Source:Polyshine   Time:5/25/2017   Clicks:1738

With powerful leadership of the VR GM, and our PE guys several months’ hard work, JM10K, JN10K series Auto-assembly machine finally runs smoothly for mass production. This is a sign that all traditional joysticks are transferred to auto-assembled in PS.

Take JM10K as an example, It needs more than 35 operators at manual production line manner. Now we just need 1 monitor operator and several inspectors. It is not just operators’ reduction. It means high efficiency and more stable quality

Now traditional joysticks are replaced by new Auto-assembly joysticks gradually in PS. In past one month, several customers had used our new Auto-assembly joysticks on their products. New joysticks proved have better performance and feel better quality consistence. We are planning to let all customers cut in new joysticks at the end of June.

In fact our management level pays highly attention to automatic-production. From we were award “High-tech enterprise” in 2015, we are speed on automatic-production RD. We invested 5 million RMB into automatic-machines. We built full-automatic machines for F09K, F10K,SE11, JM10K-0085A, also we built many semi-automatic lines as well.

Stable quality is our mission. Automatic-machine is proved a useful action for good quality. With our JM10K and Jn10K’s successful, we are planning to start to build J06K mini-joystick, the project has bee n approved by our management. In future, PS will continue to expand invest on automatic projects and provide best to our customers.

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