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High-tech enterprises Annual-study Meeting
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RD department hold “High-tech enterprises Annual-study” meeting on 6th Jul. RD director trained all members and made Concluding remarks.

The director said:

Polyshine has gained 28 patents so far. This is crystallization of our engineer guys’ wisdom.

These patents also reflect our well understanding to potentiometer product.

Since we are rewarded “High-tech enterprises” on October 2015, we speed our automatic-line investment as well.

8 fully automatic-lines and dozens of half-automatic line were built in past 2 years.

Regarding the new technology transferring to product application, we are always on the way. Providing more competitive is our RD guys’ mission.

Wish all you guys are proud of “High-tech enterprises”, work hard and study hard, grow with company together.

Through this Annual-study, All RD engineers had more clear understanding to our Research and development achievements.

RD guys got more confidence and would devote themselves in future’s work.

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