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From game joystick to unmanned aerial vehicle joystick
Source:Polyshine   Time:12/26/2017   Clicks:1471

The birth of FJP10K UAV remote control joystick

* dozens of times on plastic materials selection

* hundreds of times on torsional-spring design and adjustment

* thousands of times on various reliability tests

* tens of thousands of force curve monitoring

*Million pieces of production experience accumulation

From the drawing to sample, from mass production to maturity, after our R & D and production team two years of painstaking research, FJP10K UAV remote control joystick finally went to mass production in August this year.

* Double independent torsion-spring structure


* Unique axle sleeve design,

* linearity tolerance: ±2%

Every detail perfect, FJP10K UAV remote control joystick is so different from others.

Near zero degree free play give it excellent performance, far beyond to the expected design requirements. In four months of the initial production, FJP10K UAV remote control joystick achieved zero complaint, showed a very high stability.

Practice has real knowledge, Focusing get boutique. Today, FJP10K UAV remote control joystick is really success to prove this.

In the field of special joystick for UAV, Favor Union people use our patience and wisdom to catch trend and get leading position again


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