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Collaborate with each other to create win-win
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Collaborate & win-win Favor union took part in badminton match hold by TBA In April 22, 2018, Taiwanese Business Association “President Cup Cup" badminton match was held ceremoniously at Chai Shan edge Jian-Yi badminton hall. VR business department Any Zhong, Tang Mingguang, Jiang Yuehua, Yang Qianxiang, Chen Muhua and Yang Jie participated in the competition. The match is only doubles, which request players collaborating skill and team word. Although our players rarely took part in such game, they still have confidence to join together with other competitors. Finally Jiang Yuehua and Yang Qianxiang group, Chen Muhua and Yang Jie group won the prize. Zhong Zhenhua and Tang Mingguang got fourth and won the 2018 "President Cup", also was awarded team prize, personal prize and 400 yuan bonus. /p>

Andy Zhong and Tang Mingguang won the 2018 "President Cup

Andy Zhong and Tang Mingguang won the 2018 "President Cup"General Manager gave them 500 Yuan to prompt more employee to join this project

Favor players:Jiang Yuehua, Yang Qianxiang

Favor players: Yangjie and Chen Muhua



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