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Favor Uinion anti typhoon “Mangkhut”
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On 15th Sep, Dongguan Emergency Management Office, the Three Defence Office, and the Meteorological Bureau announced that the strongest typhoon “Mangkhut”of this year will land on September 16, and the central wind will reach level 17.

Upon receipt of the notification, a “ Typhoon prevention team” has been organized. The administrative department, Adiministrator department and production department took part in and hold a meeting to discuss how to provent the typhoon. Following actions were announced after the meeting.

1. All employees have a day off and the whole factory is shut down on 16th Sep. Only security guards are left in the monitoring room to monitor on time. Employees should try not to be outside on the Sep 16th.

2. Each Department assigns a person to close the doors and windows. The typhoon prevention team will finish chcking on 9/15.

3. In view of the plant area, vulnerable to wind-blown objects, such as landscape trees, leisure tables and chairs should be transftered indoors by administrator department before afternoon of 9/15

4. For those staying in dormitory, everyone should be informed to prepare food and water in advance. If they fail to buy food in time, they will be distributed by factory shop.

5. “Typhoon Prevention Team” shall share the information of typhoon path in the Wechat Group, make ensure that all staff are promptly and correctly guided.

On the morning of September 16th, the typhoon arrived as planned, and as expected, it was really a King wind of this year. Near Liu Huang area, the maximum instantaneous wind reached level 9. Many trees and signs were blown down. But Favor Union was well protected because of “Prevention actions”

On the evening of September 16th, Mangkhut gradually weakened after landing. All Favor Union people passed through the typhoon safely. They praised the Typhoon prevention team’s great work. On September 17th, Staffs returned to work with pleasure. The typhoon prevention work was successfully completed.

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