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Teashan Town Wang Party Committee and other leaders came to visit our company
Source:Polyshine   Time:11/30/2018   Clicks:3704

On October 24, 2018, Wang Lijuan, member of the Party Committee of Chashan Town, together with the Social Security Bureau Director and officicials of Statistics Office, came to Favor Union.

Recently, the trade wars between Chinese and American was coming, what is the influence of the trade wars to companies? The new social security policies should be undertaken, how to conduct the new policies at enterprises? Now, the government was giving guidance to us. .

After knowing the difficulties encountered by the enterprise in the trade war, social security, the integration of two taxes and the disabled people's security fund, Ms Wang gave warmly speech at Favor Uion. She firmly expressed that the government would support the enterprise to overcome these difficulties. At the same time, Ms Wang calls on the company to change and reform inside. She hope company can take part in lectures organized by the government, or social organizations on Policy-Oriented /market-oriented analysis oftenly in future . We believe that with the support of the government and the enterprise's own positive progress, we can overcome many difficulties and make progress to a more brilliant future!

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