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Favor Union Electronics Wins the Organizing Award on "Ankang Cup" Competition
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On November 24, the 2008 Ankang Cup Safety Production Knowledge Competition was held in Gaobu. The competition was sponsored by the Dongguan Federation Trade Unions and the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, and co-sponsored by the General Trade Union of Gaocbu Town, Gaocbu Sub-Bureau of Municipal Safety Supervision and the Federation of Trade Unions of Gaocbu Yuyuan Group.

With the theme of "Implementing the Safety Responsibility, Promoting the Safety Development of Enterprises", the competition focused on the requirements of policies and regulations for safety production, highlighted the key points of relevant knowledge of and , as well as production safety knowledge and some life-long knowledge in the fields of industry, mining, commerce, dangerous chemicals, construction, special equipment and other industries, Competition of safety production expertise is very useful for enterprises.

After Selection and choosing on 33 town streets (parks) , there are 33 teams of 99 contestants participated came out.

Favor Union Electronics Co., Ltd. dispatched five players to represent chashan Team in the competition and finally won the organizational award.

We are very pleasure to the honor from the Municipal Federation of trade unions. The five contestants were also award by Favor Union.

The following picture: The company leaders awarding the contestants who won the prize.

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