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Safety production in National safety day
Source:Polyshine   Time:4/20/2021   Clicks:9563

On April 16, 2021, Mr. Ou, deputy mayor of Chashan Town, and his team came to Favor Union to guide the work of safety production. Ray Liu, vice general manager of our company, accompanied the team.

Deputy mayor Ou mainly looked at the fire passage, facilities, fire-fighting equipment, as well as the situation of safety production. He also visited the automatic-procuction line and affirmed the safety production work of our company.

Deputy mayor Ou also pointed out that at the sixth national security education day, all citizens should deeply study and implement the overall security concept and establish the concept of "everyone is responsible for safeguarding national security". As a safety guard, Favor Union should deeply understand the ralationship of safety production and national safety.

Our administration department is grateful for the guidance and determined to make persistent efforts in production safety.

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